RESISTOL Men’s Cisco Hat



Genuine shantung panama straw Do not leave in hot car. do not wear in rain. use soft cloth for light cleaning. consult a hat renovator for deep cleaning 6x straw Avg brim size: 4 1/2 inch avg crown height: 3 3/4 inch (front) x 5 1/4 inch (back) Brown band with white beads From resistol’s qualifier collection, cisco is a tough 6x straw cowboy hat with wild west charm. this gorgeous hat boasting an oversized 4 1/2 inches brim and a sloped gus long oval crown measuring 3 3/4?? in front, profile 41. its band features three groupings of elongated barrel shaped beads with brass colored metal clamps evenly spaced across the front and a long leather tassel behind.


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