Indiana Outback Crushable Wool Fedora Hat Silver Canyon


100% Wool Imported WOOL CONSTRUCTION – Made from durable crushable wool construction to give you that classic outback fashion and long-lasting wear. FASHIONABLE FEDORA LOOK ?C Dress hat featuring a pinch front crease hat crown with a 3-inch brim and fashionable, classic grosgrain matching ribbon hatband. PERFECT AS GIFT – Make someone’s day complete by wrapping this hat up as a gift for birthdays, Indiana Jones Costume, Christmas, New Year, or other special occasions! WATER REPELLENT – Can withstand unexpected rains. You’ll feel secure that this hat won’t wear down even when it gets wet. CRUSHABLE ?C Fold it, scrunch it, sit on it, stuff it into your coat pocket! When you need your hat, just shake it back into its original shape.


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