Metal Feather Earrings 925 Sterling Silver Natural Pink Button Pearl Earrings Sinya Classic



??Material?? Genuine freshwater natural pink pearl.pearl shape are round button or bread , high luster ! Genuine pearl is good for healthy . the stud made by Genunie 925 sterling silver, Stamped with S925.100% allergy free meterial .material are safe even for babies.

??size and crowd??Pearl Earrings Stud Never go out of style.This pearl size 6-6.5mm fit for any age of female.A pair of small size stud pearl earring are necessity jewelry for adult women??they are fit for every day wearing .natural white ,pink and purple ,3 color for optional,The pearl size 5-5.5 are best for teenagegirls??6-6.5 are also this earrings also fit for both you and your teenage girl daughter.It is a good choose to buy 2 pair as the mother and daughter earrings

Optimal earrings??Considering the price of real pearl at round shape are expensiver (round pearl are rare) ,we use button/bread shape pearl (Yield are much than round pearls,so price cheaper than round pearl)to makeing these earrings .Sterling silver, healthy and affordable metal .silver button earring is really worth your possession.

??Pairing of the natural pearl??Though the price of the button pearl are cheaper than round pearl,the formation process of button/bread pearl are same with the natural round pearl.they also with colorful sheen. it means that ,button/bread pearl also need to takes a lot of manpower to manually pick(lightly belimish ,good to high luster) and pairing, All natural pearls show very different luster under different light .it is impossible to make sure the pearl are 100% same for every pair of earrings

??After-sale warranty??30 days customer satisfaction guarantee or money back,Lifetime guarantee for any non-artificial factors

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