Karan Aujla Earrings Silver Turtle Dangle Earrings



Material: 925 sterling silver

Dimensions: Turtle measures 9/16 inch (0.56inch) tall and 5/8 inch (0.63 inch) wide.

Features: High polished for easy care. These darling dangling earrings with French wire hooks are made in the petroglyph style. Petroglyphs are ancient Hawaiian rock engravings and carvings. This simple style of flourish is often used now in Hawaiian jewelry and tattooing.

Sentiment: Sea turtles are one of the most beloved marine life creatures. The honu (Hawaiian word for turtle) is symbolic of peace, harmony, endurance and long life. They have long been valued by the local people for their link to man and the ocean and are sometimes referred to as navigators because ancient myths tell of the honu leading sailors to the land.

Gift Ready: These sterling silver earrings will be lovingly hand packed in our distinctive black gift box, with Aloha, in Hawaii. Please receive it, or gift give it, with our Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian).

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