High Polished Round Hoop Earrings Implant Grade Earrings



HOOPS & LOOPS PROVIDES THE HIGHEST QUALITY IN FINE JEWELRY: All Hoops & Loops jewelry collection pieces are personally curated and closely inspected prior to being sent out to customers to ensure perfection and complete satisfaction.

These stylish hoops provides a simple yet elegant splash of sparkle in each brilliant loop. These glamorous earrings are an easy-to-pair accessory choice, that can’t help but catch attention of passersby. Plus, they’re light as a dream, so no need to worry about sore ears at the end of a long day.

These round earring hoops are a simple yet elegant component, great for a variety of styles and aesthetics!

SIMPLISTIC,VERSATILE&TIMELESS: Look great from wearing with jeans to wearing to work, to wearing to dinner or a night out. A perfectly polished compliment to both fashion-forward and timeless looks.

SPECIAL ANTI-TARNISH COATING: All of our hoop earrings are coated in a special anti-tarnish polish that will preserve its luster and shine. This coating also makes our jewelry very durable so that it can last for many years to come.

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