Hanafuda Card Earrings 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium High Polished Trigonal-Shaped Natural Caribbean Larimar



SIMPLY STUNNING: These earrings have natural larimar gemstone that perfectly combines the modern look. Very attractive on every women??s ears because of it also featured irregular natural larimar gemstone. Although perfect for everyday use, as they are easy to put in and light enough to leave them in comfortably through the day, the attention to detail and beautiful workmanship make the earrings a great jewelry piece.

SYMBOLIC REPRESANTION: Larimar has the ability to shun bad energy due to its powerful metaphysical properties?that reduces stress and increases positivity. It features blue?stones which is the?color?of the sky and sea. It is a?color?that symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. The design is nature inspired making these earrings a pieces to behold.

ULTIMATE SOUVENIR: Larimar is good for Caribbean lovers, cruise lovers, especially when you’re looking for something to give to your loved ones or friends from your Hawaii vacation, choose the Larimar Stone. Larimar is a popular souvenir for those who went to the beach for a vacation and for those who have been on a cruise. It can also be a perfect remembrance to a special person for you.

GIFT FOR ALL OCCASION: This is an ideal present for your family, loved ones, and friends. An Ideal gift for Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Mother??s Day, Valentine??s Day, Christmas, New Year??s Day, Graduation, or any memorable moments and special occasions.

PACKAGING: This item comes exquisitely-packaged in a beautiful gift box featuring a velvet bottom and a suede pouch perfect to keepsake your jewelry or giving it as a gift.

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