Chanel Cc Earrings On Ear Silver Thick Tube Hoop Earrings w/Click-Down Clasp



SILVER HOOP EARRINGS SIZE AND DETAILS: Hoop Earrings Diameter: 43mm (1.7 inch); Hoop Tube Width – 3mm, which is a nice wide width helping the earring to show up on your ear; .925 Sterling Silver (Nickel Free); Earrings (Back Finding) – Click-down Clasp

STYLE: This is a simple silver hoop earring that has the easiest clasp to put on. Just slip the post into your earlobe and click it down into place between the two little circles at the end of the hoop. This size is easy to put on, and can be worn at the office, to the gym, for casual or dressy. They are comfortable and understated. When retiring at night, they are simple to take off, too. See the model photos for an accurate depiction of size.When you give as a gift, she will love these!

STERLING SILVER: Many people like silver because of its lustrous shine and affordability. It can be kept shiny by using a polishing cloth occasionally. LooptyHoops includes a complimentary polishing cloth with each pair of earrings.

LOVE HOOP EARRINGS? So do we! Check out our huge selection by searching Amazon for LooptyHoops or clicking the LooptyHoops at the top of this page right above this product’s title. There are hoops made of 14k yellow, rose and white gold, as well as gold-plated hoops and sterling silver hoops. There are different thickness of the hoop tubes available, too.

PACKAGING: Each item comes neatly packaged in an attractive LooptyHoops jewelry gift box along with instructions on wearing and caring for your jewelry and a discount code valid on future purchases.

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