925 Genuine Moonstone Square Stud Earrings Link Hoop Earrings Luna Azure Sterling Silver



Gorgeous moonstone stud earrings, in square shaped, natural moonstones have blue or rainbow lustre, very beautiful. Wearing moonstone jewelry can helps to peace emotions, good for health.

Great quality standard 925 sterling silver earrings, has Pt platinum plating, it is not easy oxidation, not changeful form, not easy allergy.

Moonstone stud earrings in square shaped, size 7*7*16mm (0.28 x 0.28 x 0.64), earrings weight 2g.

A pair (2pcs) packed in a navy blue velvet jewelry box and gift bag, with silver maintaining cloth and greeting card.

The image may show slight differences in texture, color, size and shape.

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